What to Look for in a Remedial Massage Therapist

Often active people suffer from backaches, muscle sprains and sometimes even joint pains. These mechanical injuries are introduced in the healthy body by routine tasks. To ease the muscular discomfort, recurring aches and pains, it becomes essential to hire a remedial massage therapist.


massage therapist - what to look for
massage therapist – what to look for


The origins of remedial massage dates back to pre-historic civilizations of Greek, Egyptian and Asian. The first recorded history is found in the medical journals of Hippocrates in 460BC, Greece. He observed the tremendous benefits of “rubbing” on the human body.

In the 18th century, a Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling developed the famous Swedish massage based on the ancient techniques.
Remedial massage involves deep tissue massage developed by a Canadian physiotherapist, Therese Pfrimmer in 1940. She self-invented the “deep tissue therapy” upon suffering from paralysis in her legs, and published a book titled “Muscles – Your Invisible Bonds”.

This therapeutic massage also employs the practises of osteopathy and physiotherapy, developed in 19th century by physicians and specialist nurses. It involves the manipulation of the body’s framework to improve mobility and reduce body fluids circulation challenges.

Remedial massage therapists, in addition to massaging the affected muscles, also relax the tissues. Consequently, they relieve the strained ligaments and muscles, and provide instant comfort, vigour and vitality, essential for leading a healthy life.

What factors to consider when hiring a Masseuse?

It is essential to check the credentials of a massage specialist. Inquire about the validity of their work, whether they are licensed or not. Avoid masseuses who do not hold a license, as they pose a serious threat to your ailing condition.

Your recovery and relief depends on the expertise of a masseuse, and a valid license holds the key. So, how do you check the validity of their license? Simply, walk in to your local health bureau and inquire there. Provide them the license number and the record of their experience, skills and validity reveals within minutes.

It is always good to be in safe hands, hire massage therapists that carry an extensive record history of their work. This will allow you to judge if they are clued-up with different situations associated to the human anatomy and mechanical injuries. With prior knowledge and experience, the massage therapist can help you recover swiftly, while preventing the risks of more injuries during the process.

Behaviour and level of professionalism are critical factors in hiring a therapist. Engage them in a conversation to gauge their sensitivity towards their patient. Building a good rapport with your masseuse helps you heal faster. Observe if they are courteous and friendly or are they rude and insensitive. A smiling masseuse will certainly be more than a therapist, a guide to your holistic well-being.