Massage Benefits on Tennis Injuries

Massage or in more accurate term Remedial Massage is not just like a regular massage. See more info about remedial massage and how it can help treatment of tennis injuries. It is a remedial type of therapy that is primarily designed to treat chronic pain, restricted movements, fatigue, tension, swelling, as well as injuries caused by heavily worked muscles. These conditions are often due to strenuous sports activities, such as tennis.

Tennis can be a really fun game, especially if you play it once in a while. The store might turn out to be different, however, if you are an athlete who needs to play the game more often than what is needed. There are practice sessions aside from the actual games at tournaments. Because of excess tension on the muscles, athletes sometimes experience injuries and problems. More about Massage : Tennis Elbow – Below.


massage for tennis elbow
massage for tennis elbow


Tennis Player Enemy No. 1 – Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is characterised by a feeling of discomfort that is felt just outside the elbow. This usually happens when it is being held. Because of this injury, it is very painful for a tennis player to do simple household chores, and even to shaking hands with a fan or a pal. For a lot of people, most especially with coaches, a tennis elbow can be a very unfortunate condition. This can be a traumatic experience which may ban you from playing your favourite sport.

There are a lot of reasons why an athlete may experience a tennis elbow. Some serve as a result of trialling different types of racket. If you are a player and you happen to try playing with a stiffer, uncomfortable racket, you may develop tennis elbow if your muscles move in the wrong way. Stress is added on the elbow ligament, eventually leading to this medical condition.

Tennis elbow can also be linked with an overuse trauma. In medical terms, it is called lateral epicondyle, a condition that impacts the tendon on the outer elbow. This condition develops because of the continuous stress that is placed on the tendon coming from hitting thousands and thousands of balls. The strain may also develop into something worse if mistiming of the ball happens, and most especially when performing a one hand backhand.


Deep Tissue Massage – Tennis and Golfers Elbow Treatment Video:


Massage combined with other Therapy for Tennis Elbow Pain and Recovery

While almost all types of massage may be effective in enhancing blood circulation, thus boosting relaxation, sports massage combined with other therapy is specifically effective for players with tennis elbow.

A massage therapist can extremely focus particularly on the area that is affected. What is addressed here is not just the pain, and the way to relieve it, but also works in promoting flexibility of the muscle, and at the same time reducing soreness of muscle with the right massage that is provided to an athlete.

A study in treating a tennis elbow concluded that massage together with other therapy is effective in lowering pain and eventually treats the condition, but still no recent study has been done just as massage by itself for treatment. Although there are overwhelming reports that massage alone can help – Deep transverse friction massage for treating lateral elbow or lateral knee tendinitis – From Evidence Based Medicine:The Cochrane Library.