Physiotherapist Ankle Injury Treatment

Ankle sprains are common every day injuries that many people suffer from. There are an alarming number of individuals that suffer from pain in the ankle or foot and basically have no idea of what to do about it. It is important for those suffering from sprain or ankle injury to seek treatment immediately so that the condition doesn’t become grave later. A physiotherapist will treat the swelling point in the ankle caused due to torn ligaments. The procedure should be carried out at the earliest once the patient is able to apply pressure to recover from the condition as quickly as possible.

Sports persons and athletes often suffer from ankle sprains. When the foot is placed awkwardly or the ground is uneven, unusual amount of pressure when applied to the ankle can result in unnatural twisting of the ankle causing sprain. This can affect any one of the bones in the ankle region – the fibula, tibia or talus. Ligaments connect bones and tendons that join bones to muscles. Hence, as a result some amount of unnatural pressure can cause the ankle to get sprained requiring attention at the earliest. Once you are able to apply some pressure to the ankle, the physiotherapist proceeds with repairing the whole ankle.


ankle sprain exercises
ankle sprain exercises


Depending on the kind of ankle sprain occurred; your physiotherapist performs physiotherapy along with hydrotherapy and rehabilitation to treat the injury. A good physiotherapist will perform various services during the course of the treatment. Diagnosis of the condition with thorough analysis is the key to proceeding with the treatment process. The professional in the field will explain to the patient about the extent of injury occurred and its present condition during a detailed discussion. An intricate intimidation of the injury, educating about the condition, exercise prescription and finally follow-up if relevant is the entire sequence of the treatment method followed by a physiotherapist.

Hands-on physiotherapy treatment includes proper massaging, stretching, and joint mobilization. The physiotherapist is also able to provide information to help you get healed from ankle injury or sprain. The specialist discusses with the patient regarding overuse of the ankle such as during exercise routines and sports. Proper insight into the kind of footwear to use to avoid further injury is also provided through post treatment consultation. Poor footwear selection can majorly contribute to ankle injury. Make sure that you purchase shoes that are well-fitted with enough cushioning so that the ankle attains the necessary support.

Understanding foot mechanics or how the ankle functions can lower such risks. Stretching exercises designed by your physiotherapist is a good way to keep up with ankle health. The experts will also identify tendon problems to assist you in avoiding further complications. Arthritis in the foot and ankle can be a major aftermath of such injuries; hence an efficient physiotherapist will make sure that these issues are attended properly. Sports injuries are of various types and ankle sprains are a common condition when the ligament sprains and strains. In case, the physiotherapist suspects damage or fracture in the area, it will be advised to undergo X-rays to analyze the problem further.