Health Supplements: Are They Good For Teenagers?

Should You Encourage Your Teen to Take Supplements?

We all know that we form our habits early in life and eating right and exercising is very important if you want to be healthy for the rest of your life. Teaching your teenager the right way to eat and live is very important if you want them to live a healthy life as an adult. There is so much pressure on teens to have a perfect body and it often makes them have eating disorders or a bad self image of themselves. These are very stressful and can cause anxiety. There are good supplements for teens and there are bad supplements for teens and it’s important that you teach them which ones they should be taking. We all remember when we were little and our mother gave us a vitamin before bed, right? Well having your teenager setup with a good daily supplement intake regimen will also be good for them.


healthy supplements for teens
healthy supplements for teens


The best supplements for teens are the ones that won’t hurt their body or cause mood swings. The vitamins that help their immune system and digestive tract will only benefit them. It’s hard to know which vitamins or supplements to let your teenager take because the minute you walk into a health store you are bombarded with hundreds of different brands that promise to do everything from lose weight to grow hair on your chest.


If your teen is in any type of sport you will want them to have plenty of protein in their body. They can eat a protein bar, make a protein shake or simply take a pill with protein in it. Either of these ways is fine as long as they get protein in their body. The protein will help them stay lean and fit and it will also give them energy throughout the day. Protein shakes usually come in several different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. This will make it easier for your teenager to drink. A protein shake regime will cost you around thirty five dollars a month and they can be found at your local pharmacy or your local health store. A very good study in canada of nutrient intake in the general population results in some important vitamins and minerals deficiency. So you might as well have them take multivitamins at least a day for them to be covered. A Comparison of Micronutrient Inadequacy and Risk of High Micronutrient Intakes among Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Users and Nonusers in Canada – A Study From JN The Journal of Nutrition.


Antioxidants are also good for your teenager to consume on a daily basis. Antioxidants help you stay healthy and they help you fight off cold and other illnesses. Your teenager will also notice that he or she will not get sick that much with any type of illness when they take antioxidants. You can find antioxidants at your local pharmacy or health food store and they come in as a pill form that will need to be swallowed. Antioxidants are relatively cheap and they will usually cost you around twenty dollars for a one month’s supply. Antioxidants will also give their growing bodies the energy they need in their hectic schedule, either sports activities or focus on their study. Exercise and oxidative stress: significance of antioxidants with reference to inflammatory, muscular, and systemic stress – A Study From Europe PubMed Central –


You should always inform your child’s doctor of everything that your teenager is taking. You should also inform your doctor of any work out or physical activity that your child does on a daily basis.